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Join MGF Motorhome Hire for free and enjoy making money from your motorhome. You choose which dates you make available so you can still enjoy holidays in your motorhome whenever you choose. This option can more than help with the cost of owning a motorhome especially when times are difficult.
We will work hard to find you customers and secure bookings for you, whilst also arranging insurance and hire contracts. We offer you full support and guidance at all times and we will always help whenever possible.
  • Free membership
  • Earn 80% on every hire
  • Hassle free hires
  • Great advertising
  • 24/7 support
  • Lower cost of ownership

Self Drive Hire Insurance

We can also arrange insurance cover for your motorhome if you want to hire it out yourself.  Weekly and daily rates are available for motorhomes up to £100,000 in value. Please contact us for details.
Fill in an application form and register today and start making money from your motorhome.
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